About Wildstream Retreat

Mission Statement

Wildstream Retreat is a ministry dedicated to helping hurting people navigate through the Wilderness of Divorce. We focus on moving away from the crisis of divorce towards a healthy, single person validated by God.

How Wildstream Works and What We Do

WildStream retreats are designed to assist attendees with navigating the Wilderness of Separation and Divorce from a Christian perspective. 

Simply… we offer hope and biblical guidance to those who find themselves lost in the wilderness of the divorce experience by providing basic survival skills and resources for navigating the rough terrain of a damaged relationship. Often we pray, “God, make this go away!" In essence, “Make my paths smooth that I might not feel the pain of my struggle.” But, the prayer of the ancients more aptly points to God’s desires for our prayer. They prayed, “God, give me the feet to manage the terrain you have appointed me to traverse” (Psalm 18:33).

WildStream is a program by which we encourage those who are wandering to reinterpret the word D.I.V.O.R.C.E. for a constructive and purposeful process in a 44-hour weekend retreat setting. Each letter serves as a cairn (a landmark of rough stones) of opinion that has been left by other participants from past retreats and then edited into simple, digestible lessons on the process or diagnostic we take on as we enter and exit the Wilderness of Divorce. 

We ask for those who know our hearts to help us cover these weekends with the prayer that God will protect, guide, bless, embolden shattered hearts, and give each person a hope for their future. We also ask for supporters who are willing to pray specifically for one or two participants by name, and let them each know they are being blessed in prayer. We also desire this to be a "pay-it-forward “ ministry, so we do not want the participants to pay anything since most are financially strapped as they are going through a divorce. We buy small mementoes, devotionals, as well as other books and materials to share with them. Monetary gifts are to let the folks know their lodging, five meals, materials, general expenses and gifts are covered by others who care.

Wildstream Hosts

Daniel and Becky are long-time leaders of DivorceCare. They’ve taken the ministry one step further by converting their Monteagle, Tennessee home, Eagles Rest, into a retreat for those experiencing family breakup. On a bluff overlooking 2,000 pristine acres of the Appalachian foothills, Eagles Rest becomes a weekend retreat for people attending DivorceCare groups. It’s like a lodge designed specifically to serve as a place for direction and renewal.

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