Wildstream Retreats

Ending a marriage is like being in the wilderness. People who experience divorce are temporarily lost and displaced, and the WildStream Retreat can point them in the right direction. “We’re helping them to navigate,” says Daniel, “but we aren’t the guide—Christ is the guide. They will have to find their way out through Him, but we have unique methods and tools to help them do that.”


Sojo Retreats

The Wilderness of Divorce leaves you broken, empty, and lost. This 44-hour retreat provides a peaceful getaway from the storms of life, long enough to fill you with real hope as you make your way through the wilderness. Join the hundreds of others who have walked the same painful journey and be encouraged by those who are on their way.​

Wildstream Retreat is intentionally small (6-8 first-time participants, Sojos) with 8-10 past alumni, Sherpas. We embrace your unique situation by providing several thought-provoking sessions to add meaningful perspectives to your experience. 

Many, many participants have felt break-throughs from the experiential learning sessions, mealtime fellowship, an extraordinary nature walk or mountain tour, powerful lessons on navigating forward in the Wilderness of Divorce, and an evening by the fire.

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Joining the Sherpas

This weekend experience is reserved for those alumni who have attended a Wildstream Retreat and wish to return to serve Wildstream Retreat participants.

Serving as a “Sherpa” (those that have gone before and help carry the load) and being part of the PHamily allows for a chance to give back while participating in a continuing-ed experience.

All that makes serving as a Sherpa at the Retreat Weekend special is returning to a place of past healing, old and new-found

 friends, taking care of those coming behind, life-appropriate seminar groups and the benefits of the timeless peace of the mountain. 

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Sherpa TGIF

The Great Irresistible Frontier 

These special weekends are held spring and fall to give past participants the opportunity to experience continued growth and fellowship Sherpas share at the Wildstream Retreat Weekends, but is reserved for only Sherpas.

Activities to enjoy the beauty of a sacred place are as diverse as the creativity of those coming. Friendships run deep. The PHamily broadens its circle. Peace is something 

tangible and heartfelt. All who come feel it.

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